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The Essential Tremor Biohack


Essential tremor is a nervous system condition, also known as a neurological condition that causes involuntary and rhythmic shaking. It can affect almost any part of the body, but the trembling occurs most often in the hands, especially when doing simple tasks, such as drinking from a glass or tying shoelaces.


It is distinguished from tremor that results from other disorders or known causes, such as Parkinson disease or head trauma. Essential tremor is a progressive neurological disorder, and the most common movement disorder. While essential tremor is distinct from Parkinson's disease, which causes a resting tremor, essential tremor is nevertheless sometimes misdiagnosed as Parkinson's disease. Some patients have been found to have both essential tremors and resting tremors.


Researchers estimate that 4% to 5% of people age 40 to 60 have ET. The incidence rate for people age 60 and older is estimated at 6.3% to 9%. People who have ET become disabled at worst and feel frustrated or embarrassed at best. Quality of life is a big issue for people with ET.




Essential tremor isn't life-threatening, but symptoms often worsen over time. If the tremors become severe, it might be difficult to:


  • Hold a cup or glass without spilling.
  • Eat without shaking.
  • Put on makeup or shave.
  • Talk, if the voice box or tongue is affected.
  • Write legibly.




  • Essential tremor symptoms:
  • Begin gradually, and usually are more noticeable on one side of the body.
  • Worsen with movement.
  • Usually occur in the hands first, affecting one hand or both hands.
  • Can include a "yes-yes" or "no-no" motion of the head.
  • May be aggravated by emotional stress, fatigue, caffeine or temperature extremes.




Some environmental factors, including toxins and heavy metals, are also under active investigation, as they may play a role in the disease's cause.


Alcoholic beverage consumption also plays in role.


Now, through Epigenetic Biohacking, you can take back control of your health! Science has now shown that every dis-ease known has a specific gene that isn't functioning at optimal range. It's not necessarily the blueprint passed down to you from your parents, rather, in 90% of cases, it's caused by some epigenetic factor such as pathogens, heavy metals, or toxins, for example. The good news is that, because of epigenetics, which is how your environment and lifestyle influence the expression of your genes, you can now reverse the negative expression of your genes through diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation thereby decreasing symptoms, and kick-starting the self-healing process.


This Biohack includes natural remedies for the main genes and pathways associated with Essential Tremor including the recommended summary compounds for them.

Essential Tremor Biohack Genes & Pathways:


  • CAMK2G Gene - Calcium/Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase II Gamma
  • GRID2 Gene - Glutamate Ionotropic Receptor Delta Type Subunit 2
  • LINGO1 Gene - Leucine Rich Repeat And Ig Domain Containing 1
  • RTN4R Gene - Reticulon 4 Receptor (NOGO Receptor)
  • MAG Gene - Myelin Associated Glycoprotein
  • NGFR Gene - Nerve Growth Factor Receptor
  • TNF Gene - Tumor Necrosis Factor
  • ROCK Signaling
  • Actin Polymerization
  • LIMK1 Gene - LIM Domain Kinase 1
  • LYPLA1 Gene - Lysophospholipase 1 (HAPT1)
  • DNAJC13 Gene - DnaJ Heat Shock Protein Family (Hsp40) Member C13
  • Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis
  • MBL2 Gene - Mannose Binding Lectin 2
  • Heat Shock Protein 70
  • Heat Shock Protein Family 90
  • Ubiquitin Proteasome System (UPS)
  • STX1B Gene - Syntaxin 1B
  • STXBP1 Gene - Syntaxin Binding Protein 1 (MUNC18)
  • Neuroscience Pathway
  • ARC Gene - Activity Regulated Cytoskeleton Associated Protein
  • Methylphenidate Pathway, Pharmacodynamics SuperPath
  • SLC6A3 Gene - Solute Carrier Family 6 Member 3 (Dopamine Transporter (DAT)
  • DBH Gene - Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase


Essential Tremor Biohack

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