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What You Need To Know

The DNA Diligence Research Institute declares this truth to a candid world; We operate on the Universal Principle of Natural Law, which governs the nature of the world. As such, it is our intention to help guide and support the individual through natural holistic healing modalities that strengthen the Mind, Body, and Spirit. We believe that our body, which is a vessel, is a temple and sovereign. Therefore, we hold steadfast to the truth of Body autonomy.


We offer done-for-you BioHacks and Health Consulting using the most updated scientific research available to assist the body in the self-healing process. 

It is frequently stated that it takes an average of 17 years for research evidence to reach clinical practice. It has also been stated that laboratory testing directly affects 70% of the clinical decisions in the patient pathway.

Now, through our DNA Diligence BioHacks and Consulting, you don't have to wait 17 years to make an educated choice about your health and your life.

DNA Diligence™ is a proprietary research process developed to connect health conditions to genes and connect genes to biomolecules with the ultimate goal of controlling the epigenetic expression of those genes for the reverse engineering of dis-ease.

We primarily use three databases to manually research maladies, genes, and biochemical pathways.



The Human Gene Database



The Human Disease Database



Human Biological Pathways 

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