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Now, through Epigenetic Biohacking, you can take back control of your health! Science has now shown that every dis-ease known has a specific gene that isn't functioning at optimal range. It's not necessarily the blueprint passed down to you from your parents, rather, in 90% of cases, it's caused by some epigenetic factor such as pathogens, heavy metals, or toxins, for example. The good news is that, because of epigenetics, which is how your environment and lifestyle influence the expression of your genes, you can now reverse the negative expression of your genes through diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation thereby decreasing symptoms, and kick-starting the self-healing process.


The Mold Biotoxin Illness Biohack is a downloadable PDF file that's essentially a done-for-you remedy roadmap. We've done the research on the main genes and pathways involved with Mold Biotoxin Illness and show you exactly which natural compounds have the ability to modulate these genes and pathways back in your favor, thereby assisting the body in the reversal of symptoms and the dis-ease process itself.


Mold is everywhere, and everyone breathes in mold spores. Mold is very common in homes and buildings. Most people regularly breathe in mold spores without experiencing any health complications. However, people with certain health conditions may be at risk of a lung infection or other infections from inhaling certain types of mold.


Mold-related illness is a controversial condition consisting of primarily non-specific symptoms such as headache, hallucinations, brain fog, rhinorrhea, fatigue, memory loss, and eye irritation.


Occupants of mold-contaminated environments, particularly water-damaged buildings, develop symptoms that involve multiple organs and systems including the central nervous system (CNS) and the immune system in addition to pulmonary diseases, allergies, and inflammatory reactions.


This Mold Biotoxin Illness Biohack covers:


  • Aspergillosis
  • Invasive Aspergillosis
  • Fungal Infectious Disease
  • Invasive Candida Infection
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

This Biohack includes natural remedies for the main genes and pathways associated with Mold Biotoxin Illness, including the recommended summary protocol.



  • NFKB1 Gene - Nuclear Factor Kappa B Subunit 1
  • TNF Gene - Tumor Necrosis Factor
  • IL6 Gene - Interleukin 6
  • IL1B Gene - Interleukin 1 Beta
  • IgG, IgE, IgA, and HLA-DR
  • Fc Receptors
  • PTPN6 Gene - Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Non-Receptor Type 6 (SHP-1)
  • PTPN11 Gene - Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Non-Receptor Type 11 (SHP-2)
  • SYK Gene - Spleen Associated Tyrosine Kinase
  • CLEC7A Gene - C-Type Lectin Domain Containing 7A (Dectin-1)
  • SRC Gene - SRC Proto-Oncogene, Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase
  • MBL2 Gene - Mannose Binding Lectin 2
  • TLR4 Gene - Toll Like Receptor 4
  • CCR6 Gene - C-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 6
  • AIRE Gene - Autoimmune Regulator
  • PNPLA6 Gene - Patatin Like Phospholipase Domain Containing 6

Mold Biotoxin Illness Biohack

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