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DNA Mastery Program
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This truly one-of-a-kind DNA Mastery Program is designed for health enthusiasts, executives, biohackers, and clinicians who want to learn our superior stratagies and techniques to get the best care and support to improve their health.


This program leaves no stone unturned, giving all clients true peace of mind that they know exactly where they stand when it comes to health. 

If you value your health above all and want access to the most updated scientific medical research - this program is for you.


Module 1

The precise control of gene expression is at the heart of good health.  In addition to inheriting genetic information, cells inherit information that is not encoded in DNA, and this has been termed Epigenetic information. The central dogma of molecular biology is “DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins, and proteins make us”. DNA methylation, Histone modification, and Chromatin remodeling are of vital importance to the proper functioning of all cells.

dna malady.jpeg
dna malady.jpeg


Module 2

With over 22,000 disease entries, consolidated from 75 sources, learn how to navigate through many maladies in order to determine which genes and pathways are associated. Then, identify which natural compounds are required for a personalized protocol to target their abnormal expression.

Every known diseaase has specific genes and pathways. Every gene and pathway has a natural remedy. 



Module 3

Learn how to navigate through The Human Gene Database & Human Biological Pathways Database to connect the dots, get to the root, and reverse engineer dis-ease.

Discover the most advanced scientific methodology for obtaining the results you want. 



Module 4

Learn how to identify the mechanisms of action (how they work) of many pharmaceutical drugs and find natural safe alternatives that have the same effect, but no side effects.


70-80% of all pharmaceutical drugs on the market are derived from natural compounds. Nature cannot be patented.


When most people think of DNA, they think of life. In fact, the prime objective for every life-form is to deliver its genetic material, intact and unchanged, to the next generation. This must be achieved despite constant assaults by environmental agents on the DNA. Living organisms are constantly exposed to harmful metabolic by-products, environmental toxins, chemicals, and radiation that damage their DNA, thus corrupting genetic information.


ACGT is an acronym for the four types of bases found in a DNA molecule: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T). These can produce a total of 64 different combinations. They are the basis of all DNA code, providing the instruction manual for building every living thing on earth. The arrangement of these letters into sequences creates a code that tells an organism how to form. The complete set of DNA molecules makes up the genome—the blueprint of your body.


The genes in DNA encode protein molecules, which are the "workhorses" of the cell, carrying out all the functions necessary for life. The central dogma of molecular biology is “DNA makes RNA, RNA makes proteins, and proteins make us”. Although every cell in the human body contains the same genome, the activation and silencing of specific genes can be achieved through diet, lifestyle, and specific targeted supplementation with compounds found in nature. In this course we will be focusing on the latter.


Nutraceuticals can ‘epigenetically’ treat chronic diseases by influencing gene expression. Nutrients are essential inputs for virtually all cellular networks, and therefore, it is not surprising that many nutrients and related compounds serve as signalling molecules that alter genome functions to enable cellular adaptations to the environment. In other words, natural compounds can alter gene expression without altering the genetic code itself. The term is called Epigenetics.


In this program you will learn exactly which compounds in nature have the ability to do exactly that – alter gene expression. Armed with this knowledge will enable you to become a Master of DNA so you can reverse-engineer any chronic disease because every malady has been assigned certain genes and pathways.

MODULE 1 - DNA, RNA, & Epigenetic Tools

SECTION 1 - Adenine

SECTION 2 - Guanine

SECTION 3 - Cytosine

SECTION 4 - Thymine

SECTION 5 - Uracil

SECTION 6 - Pyrimidines

SECTION 7 - Purines

SECTION 8 - Epigenetic Tools (The Writers, The Readers and The Erasers of DNA)

SECTION 9 - DNA Damage & Repair Mechanisms




SECTION 1 - Decoding The Disease Database

SECTION 2 - Discovering Drugs & Therapeutics,

SECTION 3 - Deciphering The Genes & Pathways/Superpathways

SECTION 4 - Determining The Top Affiliating Genes Associated



SECTION 1 - Decoding The Gene Database

SECTION 2 - Discovering Drugs & Therapeutics

SECTION 3 - Deciphering The Function of The Gene

SECTION 4 – Mapping Pathways/SuperPathways & Protein-Protein Interactions

MODULE 4 – The Pharmacology of Drugs


SECTION 1 – The Mechanisms of Action & How Drugs Work

SECTION 2 - Natural Analogues & Alternatives

SECTION 3 - Sourcing Natural Compounds

SECTION 4 - Peer-Reviewed Pathway Molecules


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