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Revolutionizing DNA Interpretation By Matching
Genetic Systems To Human Biochemistry
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Reverse Disease

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Optimize Health

Every cellular process involved with disease in your body is instructed by the 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code. Our daily habits involved with diet, lifestyle, and enviromental choices impact our genetic expression. Decode the genes involved with your malady and discover which natural compounds have the ability to reverse engineer the dis-ease process.

Connect The Dots - Get To The Root - Reverse Engineer
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Inadequate & Insufficient

Medical knowledge doubles every few months; how can clinicians keep up? Healthcare practitioners struggle to keep on top of every new piece of information, and that can have an impact on client care. Research shows that it takes an average of 17 years for research based evidence to reach clinical practice. It has also been stated that laboratory testing directly affects 70% of the clinical decisions in the patient pathway. In addition, testing is only as good as the information programmed into the test, which is far behind the available research data. In other words, there is a huge gap between advancements in research and practice.


DNA testing has become very popular, with close to 30 million Americans having used these services. Genetic testing can provide only limited information about a condition associated with a dis-ease or symptoms. The test often can't determine if a person will show symptoms of a disorder, how severe the symptoms will be, or whether the disorder will progress over time. Another major limitation is the lack of treatment strategies for many genetic disorders once they are diagnosed.


Did you know that 40% of variants in a variety of genes reported in DTC raw data were false positives? Both false-positive results and misclassification of variants can result in significant implications for an individual, including unnecessary stress, medical procedures (e.g., surgery, frequent screenings), and testing of family members. All of these factors have the potential to result in an unwarranted financial burden on individuals and the healthcare system overall.


Here's the thing...NONE of the genes associated with dis-ease are likely to EVER show up in a lab test. And, even if they did people may experience disappointment in a lack of comprehensive diagnostic analysis and stratagies to implement.


Even with advanced diagnostic testing other than Family Tree DNA, My Heritage, 23andMe,, etc., there are limitations. Tests like Molecular tests, Targeted single variants, Single genes, Gene panels, Whole exome sequencing/whole genome sequencing, Chromosomal tests, Gene expression tests, Biochemical tests, and Screening tests are helpful but are still lacking. Plus the results of genetic tests are not always straightforward, which often makes them challenging to interpret and explain.


It is important to note that a positive result of a predictive or presymptomatic genetic test usually cannot establish the exact risk of developing a disorder. Also, healthcare providers typically cannot use a positive test result to predict the course or severity of a condition.


Then there is the fact that 40% of test results can be false positive. Couple that with associated costs and it's a losing game. The cost of genetic testing can range from under $100 to more than $2,000, depending on the nature and complexity of the test. The cost increases if more than one test is necessary or if multiple family members must be tested to obtain a meaningful result. Also, from the date that a sample is taken, it may take a few days to weeks to receive the test results.


Many of the risks associated with genetic testing involve the emotional, social, or financial consequences of the test results. People may feel angry, depressed, anxious, or guilty about their results. In some cases, genetic testing creates tension within a family because the results can reveal information about other family members in addition to the person who is tested. The possibility of genetic discrimination in employment or insurance is also a concern.


This Is Why DNA Diligence Was Developed


Connect the Dots - Get To The Root - Reverse Engineer



Are You Ready For a Change?

Decrease your risk of developing a disease and achieve physical, mental, and emotional changes, such as reducing symptoms. We reverse engineer the dis-ease process and help you discover which compounds in nature impact the epigenetic expression of identified genes associated with every disease known by researchers and medical professionals.

Research shows that our environment has a significant impact on our genetics. The question is: Do we really want to live in a world where our genes can be affected by pollution and pesticides, viruses and pathogenic bacteria, or diet and exercise? Or would you rather live free of disease?

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Sample Report

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How It Works

What Sets Our Science Apart?

With our Consultations & Biohacks, we use primarily three databases to discover the exact genes and pathways associated with the health condition.


Then, build custom suggested protocols using natural remedies to reverse engineer the dis-ease process by targeting those exact genes and pathways.


The result is superior to anything else because the most updated scientific research is available through these databases. 





The Human Gene Database

The Human Disease Database

Human Biological Pathways

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The Answers You Are Seeking Are Only A Step away


A Detailed Comprehensive Approach To Wellness

Enjoy the power of targeted, science-based lifestyle solutions in a personalized 1-on-1 consultation. Experience the deep satisfaction of mastering your health by tapping into nature's genetic code.


We'll  pinpoint the exact genes or pathways involved, then reverse engineer them based on strategic compounds found in nature.


We are beyond genetic testing. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in empowering you to lead the healthiest life possible.


"Joey is definitely extremely personable and has a genuine interest in helping others, as well as enthusiasm for his practice. Without telling him what I had already figured out about my child, he accurately depicted his issues. He was also spot on about various aspects that were later confirmed via genetic testing. He was able within minutes to hours, to find out about my son's complexities, which took me over 2 years and thousands of dollars of testing to accomplish. I would highly recommend working with him on your condition. He can help steer you in the direction of healing very quickly and you can spend your time and money addressing your true root cause issues immediately!"

Laura P.

About Me

Joey Phillips has been providing consultation services to doctors and clients from all over the world. Whether navigating a complex health issue or looking for innovative solutions, his focus is always on building efficient and means results-driven outcomes. Whether you need advice on how to manage a particular illness or are looking for some innovative technology to help you get better outcomes, Joey will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs.


Did you know that every disease known to man has a gene or pathway attached and assigned to them?

According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 30,000 known diseases worldwide. There are about 20,000 genes in the body. We can show you EXACTLY which gene/pathway is involved with your condition and reverse engineer them based on compounds found in nature.

Altering genes to help reverse or prevent disease — specifically targeting pathways and protein-protein interactions, potentially can open doors to powerful therapeutic applications. The modulation of gene expression can be achieved by a variety of nutraceutical combinations for a synergy that allows the body to heal itself.

It is known that genes are important in determining enzymes, receptors, cofactors, structural components involved in the regulation of blood pressure, the metabolism of lipids, lipoproteins, inflammatory cytokines, immune function, and coagulation factors that are involved in determining individual risk for chronic dis-ease.

It is now possible to recognize the interaction of specific nutraceuticals with the genetic code possessed by all cells. It seems that supplementation of nutraceuticals, our lifestyle, and the foods we consume may be protective, whereas the standard western diet and lifestyle may enhance the expression of genes related to chronic diseases.

Rapid changes in diet and lifestyle may rapidly enhance the expression of harmful genes leading to chronic conditions. However, transversely, the rapid change in diet, lifestyle, and supplementation may also enhance the expression of genes for the reversal of many, if not all diseases. Nature has provided every plant-bearing seed for our body's healing. No matter what the issue there will always be something found in nature to reverse it.

Your genes don't have to be your fate. Anything that's done may be undone in the same manner in which it was done in the first place! Very specific compounds in nature target very specific genetic expressions. We can build a suggested custom protocol to target any health issue.

Let us show you how!

Bioinformatically, many natural products have the ability to elicit proper communication with any number of genes. Great strides have been made in understanding the molecular genetics of natural product biosynthesis. Epigenetic mechanisms control gene expression and aberrant regulation may lead to human diseases.

Natural phytochemicals can largely modulate the epigenome through the regulation of mechanisms and proteins responsible for DNA modulation. Management of dis-ease and band-aid approaches are not the path to harmonizing your cellular biology. Around 70-80 percent of all new drugs introduced in the United States in the past 25 years have been derived from natural products.

Nature is the master craftsman of molecules. Since time immemorial, natural products have been the backbone of the traditional system of healing throughout the globe, and have also been an integral part of history and culture.

Even though the popularity of synthetic products increased due to their production cost, time effectiveness, and quick effects, their safety and efficacy have always remained questionable, resulting in dependence on natural products by more than 80% of the total population in the developing world, because of its time tested safety and efficacy.

DNA Diligence Health Consulting can show you EXACTLY which compounds in nature will target your current health conditions. We don't take the "band-aid" approach, or cut corners. Our unique technique allows us to get to the root of the problem to find solutions.

Before seeing us, many of our clients reported spending thousands of dollars, yet had no results.

Medical bills are reported to be the number one cause of U.S. bankruptcies.  Serious diseases or injuries can easily result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills—bills that can quickly wipe out savings and retirement accounts, college education funds, and home equity.  Medical debt and job loss due to illness remain the cause of over half of American bankruptcies.

This is the fate of so many! But, it doesn't have to be you. We can get to the root of your health issue before any of this takes place.

'An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

It's Not Static!

We each have more than 20,000 genes. However, your DNA is not your destiny. It’s not static. External and environmental factors can influence the way our genes are regulated. Diet, stress, and exposure to things like cigarette smoke, heavy metals, or pesticides may potentially affect how our genes are turned on and off.

In most cases, your genes have less than five percent to do with your risk of developing a particular disease. Many genes that cause medical conditions are often, if not most of the time, caused by external factors such as what you eat, where you live, whom you interact with, when you sleep, how you exercise, and even aging. Simply put, DNA is not your destiny, and genetic tests are duds for disease prediction.

The vast majority of diseases, including many cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, have a genetic contribution of 5 to 10 percent at best. It is becoming increasingly clear that the risks of getting most diseases arise from your metabolism, your environment, your lifestyle, or your exposure to various kinds of nutrients, chemicals, bacteria, or viruses.

The idea that your DNA is not your destiny involves Epigenetics. Epi means “on top of”, above, over, on, or in addition to. Simply put, Epigenetics is basically the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. We hold the unique capability to either negatively harm our epigenetic expression, or enhance it. For example, specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, and phytonutrients have the power to unlock our full potential! While pathogens, toxins, heavy metals, and other environmental factors have been shown to impair.  Scientists continue to explore the relationship between the genome and the chemical compounds that modify it.

Here's the bottom line...

90% of dis-ease prevention may be addressed if we knew exactly which compounds in nature either turned on or turned off our aberrant gene expression when exposed to detrimental things to our health.



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